Behind the Design: Hidden Easter Eggs in Takes Heart

Up close, Takes Heart reflects the diverse facets of the entrepreneurial journey. Each tile – with unique shape, color, and texture – tells a story of perseverance, creativity, and resilience. Some tiles gleam with polished perfection, while others bear the marks of roughness and mistakes. Yet, it’s in this mosaic of experiences that the true beauty of building a business emerges.

From a distance, these individual tiles come together to form a captivating picture — a testament to the collective efforts of entrepreneurs everywhere. The journey is woven with unique experiences, achievements, and challenges, all contributing to the tapestry of entrepreneurship.

Amidst the tiles lie hidden treasures — more than 30 digital Easter eggs waiting to be discovered. When engaged with, these hidden gems seamlessly connect users to, a digital haven for women-owned businesses. Here, visitors can explore a wealth of resources, from business listings to professional organizations and invaluable support networks. serves as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a place where dreams take root, connections are forged, and the entrepreneurial spirit thrives. With each click and connection, the path to success becomes clearer, and the journey more fulfilling.

So, while the entrepreneurial journey may be filled with ups and downs, it’s the mosaic of experiences that makes it truly beautiful. With platforms like Takes Heart leading the way, entrepreneurs can navigate the path with confidence, knowing they’re never alone on their journey to success.





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