Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Announces Sponsorship of Takes Heart Artwork

Parade of Hearts 2024 kicked off on Saturday, April 13 – revealing 101 hearts, sponsors, and exciting activities for Kansas City visitors.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation spotlighted their participation in a recent Currents article on their blog. Among the foundation’s sponsored hearts is “Takes Heart,” a five-by-five-foot fiberglass heart created by artist Laura Noll Crossley, celebrating Kansas City’s women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. This vibrant, interactive heart, located at the northeast corner of the Foundation’s entrance on Rockhill Road, features sparkling tiles that visitors can touch with their smartphones to access inspiring stories, a directory of women-owned businesses, and entrepreneurial resources.

Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Kauffman Foundation president and CEO, emphasized the importance of the Parade of Hearts in bringing the community together and highlighting Kansas City’s diverse culture and entrepreneurial spirit. The foundation is sponsoring six hearts, including Crossley’s, each representing different aspects of the city’s heritage and innovation.

“Takes Heart” aims to connect the community with women-owned businesses through its interactive features. Crossley, a Kansas City-based designer and marketer, hopes the artwork will inspire support for these businesses. The Parade of Hearts, which kicked off at the American Royal Governor’s Expo, invites local artists to create hearts that celebrate Kansas City’s creativity and diversity. The hearts are displayed around the city from April to August, with some being auctioned off in August to raise funds for local charities.





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